About the Central Mississippi Tea Party

The Central Mississippi Tea Party (CMTP)was originally formed as the Mississippi Tea Party (MSTP) in February of 2009.  It started as a conference call with Julia Hodges and what is now the Tea Party Patriots.  Julia was named the “State Coordinator” on that phone call.  The first event was in February and a big event on April 15th at the State Capitol.  A number of patriots attended the big “March on Washington” on 9/12 of that year.

Roy Nicholson was the first president of the MSTP.  There were a number of tea party type groups around the state and many recognized a need for more communication and cooperation.  There were and still are times that we need to speak with one voice.  As a result, this group went through the legal steps to be renamed the “Central Mississippi Tea Party” with a new set of bylaws and officers.  This allowed the MSTP to become an organization of affiliated groups around the state through a meeting of state wide groups in May of 2010.  Most groups voluntarily chose to become affiliated with each other through the MSTP.  They are still autonomous but work within the bylaws of the MSTP.  Some groups chose to be totally autonomous but still communicate and work with the MSTP when they can.

The people in the CMTP believe that we are Taxed Enough Already, the federal government is too big and too intrusive in our lives.  We stand for:

  • Limited Government.  We are conservative and believe that we must move back toward the original intent of the constitution if we are to survive as a nation.  We believe in American exceptionalism and individualism. We believe that good individuals, working together, can accomplish more good than government mandated programs.

  • Fiscal Responsibility.  The rampant spending and ever increasing debt is not sustainable and will destroy everything that we hold near and dear to our hearts.  Taxes are too high and it is our money that we are forced to send to the government.  Many in the federal bureaucracy have forgotten that it is not their money and they work for the taxpayers.  The best and quickest way to return to fiscal responsibility and lower taxes is to trim the size of government.

  • Free Market Principles.  Government does not and cannot create wealth.  Free market capitalism, entrepreneurs, freedom, and liberty allow individuals and the country as a whole to succeed.  Success can be measured by a stable economy,  that provides jobs and ultimately creates a climate to fund a smaller limited government.  That climate is created when individuals are again confident of their ability, confident that the risk of failure is the ultimate stimulus for success and that big government is a detriment to success.

Message from the President of the Central Mississippi Tea Party

CMTP President


Thank you for checking out our website!  It is my privilege to serve as President of the Central MS Tea Party.  We are a group of Patriots who want to see our country return to the principles of the Founding Fathers.  As you check us out, we hope you will attend our meetings and become very active in 'taking back our country from the liberals'!   As Patriots, it is our goal to see our country functioning with a fiscally sound budget, limited Federal government, and a growing free market economy.  If you believe in these principles then we need you to be a part of our group of Patriots!

We meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday as a general body and then we have Committee Meetings during the month.  You are invited to introduce yourself to the eight committees and see where you might fit.  As you read the descriptions and find the committee or committees for which you are best suited with your skill sets, please know you will be a valuable asset as you become active and involved in the various activities throughout the year.

To quote two of our Founding Fathers ~~

John Jay, First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, coauthor of the Federalist Papers - "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers". (Private letter to Jedediah Morse, 1797) 

George Washington, First President, "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.  In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness...." (Farewell Address, Sept. 19,1797)

It is our duty as God-fearing Patriots to seek conservative Christian candidates to be our elected officials.  We are living in a time when 'these great pillars of human happiness' are being subverted.  Only you, as an individual, can make a difference.  When 'individuals' join together and become a group of Patriots with the same goals, we can then bring our country back.  It will take a lot of perseverence, prayer, fortitude, focus, and unity!  Come join the Patriots of the CMTP and make a real 'change' in America!!  Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

May God SAVE America,

Janis D. Lane

President, CMTP


Mississippi Tea Party:  Who We Are

The following was written by the President of the MSTP soon after it was formed in 2009.  It is still true today and though the people are under a different banner their beliefs are still the same.

"The Mississippi Tea Party represents a large majority of the Citizens of Mississippi who still believe in the founding principles of the United States. We believe that unalienable God given rights are the fundamental authority and justification for the Declaration of Independence and that the universal burning desire to live a free life is the cornerstone of what has become the unique American experience. These beliefs and our Constitutional form of government have proven to be the most successful system ever established for the promotion of mankind's happiness. The Constitution of the United States is the expressed consent of the governed to establish a government of limited powers that exists for the singular purpose of securing those rights to the benefit of The People. Every attempt to reduce the freedom and rights of the people, or to eliminate the inherent responsibilities of the individual in the exercise of such freedoms, is contrary to that consent and is a usurpation and robbery of both the intent and the letter of those world changing documents."

"It is the belief of the Citizens who have formed and are working with the Mississippi Tea Party that our elected representatives and the laws they pass must conform to those founding principles. Therefore we call upon all of our local, state and national officials to do everything in their power to resist the Socialist agenda currently being promoted, to vote against every bill and regulation that reduces our freedom, and to turn away from the un-American ideas that are reducing the citizens to enslaved wards of the state and are destroying our country. To that end we are determined to voice our tremendous outrage and anger with the current agenda that is being forced upon us and the politicians that are promoting it. We will work in support of any politician who fights to maintain our rights and will ardently fight against the election or re-election of any that cooperate with these Socialist schemes. Our reminder to all is that the government is a servant to the people of this great country, and it is not their master. We will therefore hold all accountable to their oath of office."

Roy Nicholson, PMP


The Mississippi Tea Party